The commission for the distribution of funds to support women's entrepreneurship of the Municipality Bijelo Polje has announced a Public call for financing projects intended to support women's entrepreneurship in 2022, for which 100,000 euros is planned.

"Unemployed women and female entrepreneurs who have been in business for the longest one year before the publication of this Public Call, who want to start or improve their own business, and who have their residence in Bijelo Polje, are invited to submit their applications to the Public Call" - stated in the Call.


The Commission for Allocation of Funds for Financing Projects for Young Entrepreneurs of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje has announced a Public Call for the allocation of funds for financing projects for young entrepreneurs in 2022, for which EUR 100,000 is planned.

"Unemployed persons up to the age of 30, who want to start their own business, and have their residence in Bijelo Polje, are invited to submit their applications to the Public Call" - stated in the Call.

The municipality of Bijelo Polje was awarded with the prestigious award of the 12th Danube Business Forum - "Golden Key" for openness, cooperation with neighbors and development projects.

This award was handed to chief of the Office for Local Economic Development of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje Dalibor Đogović in Novi Sad, and apart from Bijelo Polje, this year's "Golden Key" winners are Prnjavor, Pula, Kragujevac and Kraljevo.

The twelfth Danube Business Forum is organized with the aim of affirming prosperity and improving regional cooperation.

Bjelo polje business forum - BBF, the third in a row, gathered more than 100 participants, and the central topic was "Development of agriculture in the function of supporting the development of tourism".

Opening the 3rd Bijelo Polje Business Forum, president of the municipality Bijelo Polje Petar Smolović pointed out that Bijelo Polje has exceptional potential for the development of both areas and the possibility to develop them together, and that connecting agriculture and tourism is one of the best ways for further economic prosperity of Bijelo Polje and Montenegro. 

Within the project "Reduction of unemployment in the municipality of Bijelo Polje", the President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje Petar Smolović signed today and handed over grant agreements for 37 employers.


The Agency for Local Democracy offers young entrepreneurs (refers to the age of the business - businesses younger than 3 years and people with a business idea) to stay abroad in order to improve their business or develop a business idea, within the SEE SMART SMEs project in the 12th cycle of the European exchange program for entrepreneurs.

It also offers the opportunity for domestic, more experienced entrepreneurs (owners or members of management structures for more than 3 years) to host motivated entrepreneurs from abroad in order to adopt fresh ideas, new products, enter new markets and internationalize their business.




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R E L I E F S:

Municipal Decision on tax reliefs

Article 4

Companies and entrepreneurs referred to in Article 3 shall be introduced and identified the following financial incentives:

  • exemption from payment of communal fee for construction land,
  • exemption from payment of the fee for the use of municipal roads,
  • exemption from payment of surtax on personal income tax,
  • exemption from paying tax on real estate above 0.1% of the market value of the real estate.

Article 5

The tax exemption from Article 4 item 1 investor (company and entrepreneur) is realized in the amount up to 7,000.00 euros per one newly employed worker, or newly opened workplace, and can be used only if by investing, it increases the number of employees for 5 or more employees.

The incentives referred to in Article 4 item 2, 3 and 4 of this Decision shall also apply to existing companies and entrepreneurs in the area of ​​the Bijelo Polje municipality for the extension of the economic activity referred to in Article 3 of this Decision, and can only be used if the expansion increases the number of employees for 5 or more workers and is valid for a period of 3 (three) years.

Note: The new Regulation on Business Zones was adopted on December 13, 2016 and was published in the Official Journal of Montenegro, No. 77/2016.

The municipality is obliged to until 21.06.2018, in accordance with the Government Regulation, adopt a new Business Zone Decision.

We are also referring to the Decision on the fee for communal equipment for construction land that was published on 29.12.2015. in the "Official Journal of Montenegro - Municipal Regulations" No. 48/15.

Tax reliefs – New Government Regulation on business zones

Article 15

For employed people working in a business zones, the business zone user does not pay:

1) Contributions for compulsory social insurance for salaries (contributions for pension and disability insurance, contribution for health insurance, unemployment insurance contribution) and contributions for the Labor Fund;

2) Personal income tax;

The amount of the relief referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article can not exceed the maximum allowable aid intensity of 60% for medium and 70% for small companies, in accordance with the regulations governing state aid.

The user of the business zone may use the incentives referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, for a maximum period of five years from the date of employment of persons in the business zone.

For the employee referred to in paragraph 1, item 1 of this Article, the user of the business zone calculates, suspends and pays the employee from the earnings of the employee: the contribution for the pension and invasive insurance at the rate of 15,0% contribution to health insurance at a rate of 8.5% and contribution to insurance against unemployment at a rate of 0.5% upon payment of earnings.

The basis for calculating the contribution referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be gross employee earnings.

The user of the business zone pays the calculated surtax of income tax.

In addition to the relief referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the beneficiary of the business zone shall also exercise the right to other incentives in accordance with the law and special regulations governing state aid, although they must not exceed the maximum allowable amount of incentive in accordance with paragraph 2 of this Article.



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