The commission for the distribution of funds to support women's entrepreneurship of the Municipality Bijelo Polje has announced a Public call for financing projects intended to support women's entrepreneurship in 2022, for which 100,000 euros is planned.

"Unemployed women and female entrepreneurs who have been in business for the longest one year before the publication of this Public Call, who want to start or improve their own business, and who have their residence in Bijelo Polje, are invited to submit their applications to the Public Call" - stated in the Call.

The funds provided for in the budget of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje are available for business plans that contribute to the achievement of the goals set in the strategic documents, programs and plans of the Municipality, and which in particular: encourage the economic development of the municipality, encourage the development of agriculture and rural areas (unprecedented fruit growing, vegetable growing, livestock breeding, realization programs in the rural area that contribute to the tourism development of the city, encourage the development of organic agricultural production, etc.), create conditions and encourage the development of tourism and crafts, contribute to the affirmation of the cultural potential, tradition and cultural uniqueness of the municipality, raising the level of culture and preserving cultural heritage, contributes to the development of sports and physical culture, contributes to the preservation and protection of the environment.

You can find out more details about the Public Call here.