The location of the business zone "Vraneška dolina" is from the Blind Bridge to Kovrena from the left and right side of the regional road Slijepač Most-Pljevlja. The smallest area of ​​a site envisaged as a business zone is 1760 m² and the largest is 43870m². All sites are used as meadows and can be reoriented for other purposes. The roadway to which the locations are located is modern, made and released in 2014 traffic. In addition to the road, the Ljubovje River flows along the entire length of the river, whose water can be used as technical and for irrigation. Drinking water or sanitary water must be brought to the site from 2-3km from the water supply system in Pavin Polje and Tomasevo. With this electricity, this location must be supplied from the substation in Čokrlije located in the middle of this location (15km).



You can download the location on map herepdf