Business Zone "Nedakusi" is located in the industrial zone of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje with great potential for development within the activities: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; manufacturing industry; traffic and storage; information and communication; professional, scientific and technical activities. It is well equipped in terms of business infrastructure, which makes it very suitable for future investors. The total area of ​​the business zone is about 101 ha.
As for road and rail infrastructure, it is well connected with other roads. Through it passes the main road M-21 Belgrade-Bar, it is connected to the city detour and within it there is a bus station. Belgrade-Bar railway also passes next to the business zone "Nedakusi" and there is also a railway transhipment center. One of the reasons for such a good traffic connection is the fact that once on this surface there was a strong manufacturing industry, which is partially functional today.
In the business zone there is a very attractive micro site "Vunko", total area of ​​106,000 m². Within the "Vunko", 32,000 m² of space is covered by halls (9 halls and 2 administrative buildings), while the other 74,000 m2 of free land is suitable for industry and production in the planned documentation.
Regarding other business infrastructure in the business zone, there are two electrical substations of 2 MW, water, sewage, public lighting, telecommunications. There are banks in business zone "Nedakusi" at a distance of 6 km, technological and production park of meat and baking industry, as well as concrete and textile industry. Within the zone there are trading business centers.



Purpose plan - business zone "Nedakusi"

Exiisting purpose plan - business zone "Nedakusi"

Sinhron plan - business zone "Nedakusi"




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