• Proof that it is registered in the Central Register of Business Entities (hereinafter CRPS, Tax Administration of Montenegro);
  • Proof that the bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings have not been initiated against the undertaking, except for the reorganization in accordance with the law regulating the bankruptcy of economic entities (Commercial Court conviction);
  • Proof that he has not been convicted of a criminal offense committed in the performance of an economic activity (a certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice to a responsible person in a business entity, or a CRPS certificate for a business entity);
  • Evidence that he settled all duties on taxes, customs and contributions (Tax Administration of Montenegro);
  • Proof that in the previous 12 months before submitting the Application, the number of employees has not decreased by 10% or more (Tax Administration of Montenegro);
  • Evidence that he was not allocated funds for the same purposes from the budget of Montenegro (State Aid Control Commission);
  • Evidence that in a business entity of a state or a local self-government unit there is no majority ownership (CPRS);
  • Proof that it is not in difficulty in accordance with the state aid regulations (Statement that the company is not in difficulty in accordance with the state aid regulations);
  • Proof that it is not obliged to refund unlawfully received state aid (State Aid Control Commission);
  • Investment project and Business plan (Investment project textual and graphic presentation, Business plan with projected balance sheets and success and cash flow for a period of six years from the beginning of the realization of the investment project, which necessarily contains the indicators of economy, the coefficient of accumulation and the time of return on investment)

Evidence of the fulfillment of conditions for participation in the procedure for allocation of funds for encouraging direct investments shall not be older than six months from the date of public opening of the Application, except the excerpt from the CRPS, ie the extract from the appropriate register of the country in which the business entity has its head office, which can not be older than 60 days from the date of submission of the Application.