Council for Economic Development of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, held its 8th meeting at which they discussed the draft of the new Decision on local administrative fees, as well as the membership fee for the Tourist Organization. 

Mayor Peter Smolović said that Bijelo Polje to be competitive by international standards of competitiveness index, and that suggested that everything the Municipality does not earn income should be abolished, and other fees to look at whether it can be reduced. He said he wanted to Bijelo Polje is a city with the lowest number of taxes, and that the new Decision envisages reduction of price payment of a significant number of existing taxes.

Veselin Merdović from the Public Revenue Administration has presented details of the proposed new Regulation, according to which the calculation of contributions will be carried out on the basis of operating results, which according to him will be further relief for the economy.

Professor Milivoje Radovic suggested that the contribution of the Tourist Organization - the percentage that goes to the National Tourist Organization decreases and increase the percentage that goes to the local Tourist organization.

The Council for Economic Development of the Municipality are summarized impressions from the First Bijelo Polje Business Forum, which was rated as successful and adopted the proposed conclusions of the Forum.


CONCLUSIONS Bijelo Polje Business Forum - "BJELOPOLJSKI 2019 Consensus"

Based on the discussions held with the Board, may make a general conclusion that in Bijelo Polje there is a favorable business environment, which is constantly improving, and that is also a call to all potential investors to invest and develop their business in our community.

As individual conclusions we highlight the following:

  1. Opening and development of business zones, ongoing programs and incentives for business development as well as ongoing activities on removing barriers to business and a number of other measures implemented by local governments, which contribute to a better quality of life conditions of the citizens, are the backbone of growth and development of the Municipality;
  2. We expect a continuation of the accelerated investment cycle contribute to the young and educated, with their ideas and entrepreneurial inclinations remain in Bijelo Polje and thus contribute to its development and Municipalities;
  3. Taxes and contributions must be significantly reduced in northern Montenegro because of developmental delay in relation to the rest of the country and the problem of high unemployment;
  4. For all the restaurants in the north who have a certain level of quality of service tax VAT rate should be reduced to 7% for reasons of strategic commitment to the development of northern summer and winter tourism;
  5. Analyze the impact of tax rates that you stimulate agricultural production and consider whether it can further reduce VAT on inputs which are used as raw materials for agricultural production.
  6. The Government of Montenegro, its investment activities on the construction of the highway, investments at the opening of the mountain Bjelasica and Đalovića gorge, from an entire set of active programs for improving the competitiveness of the economy has created and creates preconditions to Bijelo Polje is a city in which the investments.