Representatives of the Swiss company "Trunz" met today with the Mayor Petar Smolović on investment opportunities in Bijelo Polje, and opening a company manufacturing plant in our municipality.

President Smolović pointed out main aspects of investment environment in Montenegro, where he gave special reference to benefits provided by the business zones of which there are 6 in our municipality. The President briefed potential investors with the benefits and competitive advantages of our municipality, but also the incentives that government offer to investors. He also said that Municipality of Bijelo Polje, through the Office for Local Economy Development is available to investors in order to facilitate the collection of the necessary permits to start a business.

Business system "Trunz" operates in 40 countries around the world is specialized in manufacturing sophisticated products and components made of metal, is engaged in the production and installation of lighting, as well as system solutions for public transport vehicles and cockpits, as well as the production of independent systems for pumping and processing water, on the principle of renewable energy sources. Remo Trunz owner and CEO of Trunz, said that he was glad he had the opportunity to work with the family Kos from Bijelo Polje and it's one of the reasons he is interested to invest in Bijelo Polje.


The delegation Trunz company were the CEO Andrea Trunz, Sales Manager Sebastian Tevishati and business partners from Bijelo Polje Haris and Rejhan Kos whose company Global already has a manufacturing plant LED lighting in Bijelo Polje and cooperate with Trunz group.