Through the Agrobudget for this year, 617 agricultural farms, of which two thirds from the northern municipalities, achieved non-refundable support in the amount of up to 50 percent of the investment for the purchase of machinery and equipment. A total of 1.7 mil. euros was invested, and the ministry paid a grant of 834,000 euros.

Presenting the results of the public call for this support, today, during a working visit to Bijelo Polje, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Milutin Simović said that these good results are confirmation of the announced - that this year's Agrobudget is generous, domestic, developmental and it will be new chance for a large number of users. Also, as he pointed out, the results confirm that, despite the great challenges we have faced due to the corona-virus pandemic in the past five months, all measures and programs of this year's Agrobudget are being implemented smoothly.

The Vice President reminded that, in addition, in order to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic to farmers and fishermen, the Government provided additional support measures: advance payment of premiums in livestock and crop production; payment of contributions to insured persons on the basis of agriculture; one-time support to beneficiaries of old-age benefits; one-time assistance to commercial fishermen; market interventions to maintain market stability and producer income; favorable loans for the purchase of working capital; payment of interest to the users of these loans during the grace period. According to good practice, the results of the public call for support for the procurement of machinery were presented in the field.

Today, in the village of Kneževići, together with the host of the local government, the President of the Municipality Petar Smolović, minister Simović visited hard-working host Željko Bojović. Simović pointed out that there was great interest in the public call for support for the procurement of machinery, as in previous years, and that it therefore lasted only ten days. Farmers procured 1,382 pieces of agricultural machinery and equipment that will help them facilitate production, increase productivity and competitiveness of their production.

Vice President Simović expressed satisfaction that 66 percent of the support was paid to producers from the north, most of whom were users from Bijelo Polje (113), which is one of the reasons for presenting the results in this municipality.

The Vice President announced that in a total of four years, through this measure alone, over 5,500 pieces of machinery and equipment were procured, in which 6.4 million euros were invested and non-refundable support in the amount of 3.2 million euros was paid.

"We will continue with this and all other measures, both more and more generously. We have shown that we can achieve good results responsibly and together. Today we are witnessing the results of such cooperation. Cooperation between the Government, responsible local self-government and hard-working hosts. We have new victories ahead of us, which we will celebrate together and rejoice in new steps together", Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development said. 

President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolović, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that out of 617 users at the level of Montenegro, 113, ie. more than 18 percent, are from the Municipality of Bijelo Polje. This, as he emphasized, shows that hard work is being done in Bijelo Polje and that the results of that work can be seen through new investments in equipment, mechanization, new plantations.

He stated that agricultural producers from Bijelo Polje procured 17 motor cultivators, 35 mowers, 12 self-propelled cutters, 8 tractor mowers, 32 hay collectors, 15 tractor cutters, 18 trailers and other equipment through this public invitation.

On that occasion, as well as on the occasion of the overall support for the development of agriculture, entrepreneurship and rural areas in municipality of Bijelo Polje, Smolović expressed great gratitude to the Government, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and personally to Vice President Simović.