The Agency for Local Democracy offers a stay abroad to young entrepreneurs, in order to improve their business or develop a business idea, within the SEE SMART SMEs project in the 12th cycle of the European Exchange Program for Entrepreneurs.

The aim of the project is to encourage the exchange of experiences and ideas

, networking and discovering new markets for new entrepreneurs, who will have the opportunity to acquire skills for successful running small / medium enterprises, through work in the period from 1 to 6 months with experienced entrepreneurs.

Participation in the project provides a unique opportunity for new or future entrepreneurs to learn from experienced colleagues about running a business, during work and residence in one of the participating countries: 26 EU countries, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The program covers the costs of new entrepreneurs for a stay in the monthly amount of 500 to 1100 euros, depending on the state, and provides support for finding partners. Additional funding is provided for people in need of disability support.



For a new entrepreneur (potential):

- skills development through work in a small or medium enterprise abroad;
- easier start-up or strengthening of an existing one;
- access to new markets - internationalization of work;
- opportunities for cooperation with partners abroad.

For an experienced entrepreneur (host):

- the possibility of developing fresh ideas brought to the company by a motivated entrepreneur;
- special skills or knowledge available to the new entrepreneur;
- discovering different business methods and new contacts;
- informing about other markets and business conditions;
- the possibility of achieving long-term business cooperation.

To participate in the project who can apply:

  • new entrepreneurs (NE) who have decided to start their own business, or have already started it in a period not longer than three years - for a stay abroad at HPP;
  • experienced entrepreneurs (EE) who are owners and members of the management of a small or medium enterprise for more than three years - as hosts (without financing).

The application is done through the online registration platform

At the link you need to explain your motives and plan of stay and hang a CV and basic business plan, as well as choose interests - business area, country and the language of communication.

The project partners are the Agency for Local Democracy Nikšić, Entrepreneurship Teaching Initiative (Austria), Confartigianato Servizi (Italy), EDA Enterprise Development Agency (Banja Luka), National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development (Northern Macedonia), Association for Information and communication technologies (Kosovo), Association of Construction Material Manufacturers (Turkey).

The SEE SMART SMEs project is funded by the European Commission.

The Agency for Local Democracy and the Ulcinj Business Alliance are the contact organizations in Montenegro in the 12th cycle of the program, and in the previous period they were the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and the non-governmental organization ADP "ZID".

Project leaflet can be downloaded here.

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