Today is the big hall of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje organized Open Day for businessmen. This event was intended for all interested businessmen. They had the opportunity to ask questions to the management of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje related sector of the economy and economic development. Businessmen could ask whatever they wanted to know and be informed well BFC certification - a project that is currently being implemented to create a favorable business environment.

Petar Smolović Mayor of Bijelo Polje said that today in the framework of the Open Days with businessmen discussed the current conditions for bisnis in Bijelo Polje.

A common, we found that we did a lot in the past to improve the business environment in all spheres and that this rate should continue. What is the novelty is the introduction of BFC standards and opening of the Office for local economic development, which is very substantively to our municipality, said Smolović

Answer questions businessmen and manager Municipality Fahrudin Begovic.

Jafar Gusinjac Secretary for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, spoke about the incentives that businesses have the business zone.

Gusinjac informed the participants that the Government of Montenegro adopted the Regulation on the allocation of funds to encourage investment and improve the competitiveness of the economy.

-With the decision was adopted and Program which stipulates ten programs and six program lines finansijeske support as follows: Program line for advancing innovation, the program line for the introduction of international standards, the program line for modernization of industry processors, the program line for cluster development, software line stimulation of direct investments and programmatic lines for the development of crafts, explained Gusinjac.

Dalibor Đogović head of the Office for Local Economic Development, said that today is spoken and BFC certification.

-It's about oprojektu that we run in front of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, together with other organizations in South East Europe and other municipalities. We will have a new form of communication with businesses within that we will have more frequent meetings, all the information on the website of the Municipality in this section will increase transparency, as we transfer businessmen what do local government bodies through the competent authorities, primarily to inform them about the activities and actions of Economics tips. When it comes to this project, we are in the evaluation phase, because the Municipality is currently checked their capacity and how kavalitetnu documents in their possession. The next phase will implement the phase that will last six months and everything Municipality missing, whether it is about communication or strategic documents, or for the new procedure and we will be in the next six months, try to fulfill in order to meet the criteria of BFC. In the last stage of verification of evaluators will evaluate our work and answer that you will instantly get the certificate or you need extra hands or perhaps some new form of certification that we received BFC standard, concluded Đogović.

Actively took part owners of the company ,, Mesopromet "Hilmi Franca ,, i Put Gros" Ramovic Hasan, and other businesses.