Today, in the president Petar Smolovic office, contracts have been signed for financial support to beneficiaries of the Women Entrepreneurship Program implemented by Bijelo Polje Municipality.

The decision to allocate funds to support women's entrepreneurship for 2019 supported business plans: "Expansion of cheese production facilities", "Development of agriculture-Livestock", "Accounting agency-certified accountant" and "Empowerment of women with disabilities in entrepreneurship".

The Mayor of Bijelo Polje, Petar Smolovic, congratulated the entrepreneurs on the courage to start their own businesses, expressing the hope that the Municipality's grant would be a good incentive for the development of the businesses they started.

“As I have been informed by the Commission, these are 4 very high quality programs, which I believe at the outset, this grant from the Municipality will be a wind in the back towards the goal you are pursuing. Studies have shown that women have a fear of starting their own businesses and that they have a lower level of self-esteem than men. From this place, I want to encourage all our fellow citizens to believe in themselves and their ideas, and in the future we will continue to support good ideas and plans, ” president Smolovic said.

The municipality of Bijelo Polje entered in this project with pleasure, and the budget for 2020 doubled the amount of funding for women's entrepreneurship projects.

Hristina Nedovic said that she came from Slovenia to a family estate with the aim of starting an agricultural business based on livestock farming.

"I want to encourage young people from Montenegro not to move out of our villages not to leave their homeland, because it is possible to live well in the countryside. A year ago, I returned from Slovenia to "Prijeloge" and I intend to maintain a family estate and to engage in agriculture, ”Nedovic said.

For Milka Stojanovic from the "Golden Hands" workshop, this support means a lot, especially as she said, for women's with disabilities who, with the help of such programs, will start working and contribute to the family budget.

"There is little resources, but enough to start the business itself, in the absence of equipment, in the absence of work space and all that should make the resources of a successful business. That is why this is the first step, and I hope it will not be the last, to support such programs where we women have the pleasure of supporting their family, ”Stojanovic said.

Elvira Mulic from Orahovica has been producing cheese and milk for years. She plans to expand her production capacity, she said.

"I thank the Mayor for the funds I have received with which I intend to expand the cheese factory and increase the number of milking heads," Mulic said.

Suzana Velickovic has opened her accounting office.

"I applied for funds and I was looking for a quality program that will connect us with the tax administration and I hope that I will succeed in my idea because the beginning is a good" Velickovic said.

Recall that at the initiative of the Women's Political Network, a project has been launched to support women's entrepreneurship, which will continue next year.