The Kingdom of Norway, as part of the project "Norway for you - Montenegro", will provide support for the implementation of professional training for 12 butchers in Bijelo Polje, which will be conducted by the company "Meso-Promet", ten of which will be employed.

Through the Public Call for the implementation of professional training projects, the company "Meso-promet" was approved $ 21,179.38 in order to conduct professional training in an efficient manner and provide the personnel it needs, in a short period of time.

"This is one of the most important projects of our company, which is financed by the Kingdom of Norway through the project "Norway for you - Montenegro". This project will employ 10 people, which leads to a reduction in unemployment, who are not employed, and the participants in the training will have theoretical and practical classes, said the representative of company "Meso-promet" Milica Drasković.

It is not possible to acquire the level of qualification for a butcher in Montenegro, because there is no vocational school, so the project will create the possibility of training short supply staff , and extremely needed by the labor market of Montenegro. The four-month training for butchers will be attended by 12 participants, including women and young people, and after testing, the top ten will be employed by the company "Meso-promet".

"The main goal of the Public Call that we conducted was to contribute to the employment of vulnerable groups in less developed areas of Montenegro by increasing competencies. The training's will be conducted for at least 60 unemployed people through the organization of professional training's and the employment of at least 30 participants, said Milena Vujović, associate on the project "Norway for you - Montenegro".

On behalf of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, the Office for Local Economic Development monitors the activities within the project "Norway for you" in Bijelo Polje, providing support to local companies to apply for significant financial resources allocated by the Kingdom of Norway.