Contracts were signed today with 13 women entrepreneurs and 5 young entrepreneurs who presented the best business plans and thus fulfilled conditions for non-refundable financial assistance from the city.

President Petar Smolović expressed satisfaction with the signing of the contract on financial support for the implementation of 13 projects within the program of support for women's entrepreneurship, as well as 5 projects for young entrepreneurs, which is being implemented for the second year in a row.

"This year, we have allocated 40,000 euros for these purposes, and what makes me especially happy is the fact that there was great interest from both young people and women. I am glad that so many women have applied, that is, ladies who will have the opportunity to show their potential. I consider this support very important, not only because the support during the corona time is very important, but because we will help you improve your business in this way "- said Smolović.

The President of the Municipal Assembly, Nemša Omerhodžić, said that the Commission approved all the received applications that met the criteria required by the competition, and that after half a year from the beginning of the project, the implementation of activities for which entrepreneurs received funds will be controlled. "I wish you all success and I think you are a great potential of our municipality. Entrepreneurship is a great development opportunity and we as a local government have recognized that. For the second year in a row, funds are being allocated to support entrepreneurship, and I believe that in the next year we will receive more good initiatives from women and young entrepreneurs", Omerhodžić pointed out.

In addition to his obligations at the faculty, Matija Bulatović is engaged in entrepreneurship in the summer months, through which he tries to turn the sport he was professionally into into a business. "This is a great stimulus for a better future for us young people and I will do my best to justify this opportunity. I believe that with the help I received from Municipality and with my great effort and work, I will realize the supported business plan "- said Bulatović.

Elida Sijarić from Bjelo Polje, who opened an accounting agency with which she hopes to succeed in positioning herself on the market. She expressed her gratitude to the Municipality of Bijelo Polje for the opportunity and support, which is, not only for women, but for all entrepreneurs in general, especially in this year of the corona virus pandemic, of exceptional importance. "Support will mean a lot, especially in this corona virus crisis, it means a lot when you get an incentive to continue your business idea and survive on the market," said Sijarić.

Kemal Dizdarević also has faith in the success of his idea and plans to adapt his family's business to the new market requirements. "These funds, which are allocated for us young people, and thus for women's entrepreneurship, will help us achieve our program goals. My project is related to the production of handmade leather accessories and in my work I want to use the knowledge and tradition of my family, which has been engaged in the shoe business for over 40 years, with my knowledge of digital marketing to present it to the market "- said Dizdarević.

The decision on the distribution of funds to support women's entrepreneurship for 2020 supported the business plans of 13 women, namely:

Katarina Zlajić - Production of clothing,

Samira Čokrlija - Making pastries and cakes,

Fikreta Pilica - Livestock Development,

Aleksandra Čabarkapa - Hair Salon "Sandra",

Marija Raosavljević - Studio for design, packaging and production of clothing,

Julija Tvrdišić - Made in Montenegro,

Elida Sijarić - Accounting agency Asya s,

Marijana Camić - Center for intellectual training,

Radosava Peruničić - Breeding and production of lamb "Romanovska",

Mila Milićević - Raise homemade,

Suada Drpljanin - Speech Therapy Center "Logo school", new methods of learning and working with children,

Ramiza Nasufović - For storage and production of milk and cheese,

Arnela Halilović - Autoservis 24/7.

As well as projects of 5 young people :

Tijana Veličković - Production of natural juices,

Kemal Dizdarević - BENAZO completely handmade leather accessories,

Nemanja Marić - Photo studio,

Matija Bulatović - Tennis development,

Anđela Bajčeta - Beauty salon Diamont nails.