Today is held a public hearing on the draft plan of capital investments for the municipality of Bijelo Polje.

Manager of the Municipality and the Coordinator of the Coordination Team for Izard this document Fahrudin Begovic said that this plan was done thoroughly and accurately, that they had more meetings on this subject and that the draft is available on the website of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje.

The plan included 60 projects of importance for the development of Bijelo Polje. Their comments and suggestions can be submitted until 22 June. The obligation of the Coordination Team is to consider all proposals, comments and suggestions to make the report of the public hearings and published on the website of the Municipality, or respond to comments and suggestions. After the public debate we are obliged to prepare a proposal from the Capital Investment Plan 2019-2021. and delivered to the councilors of the Municipal Assembly for approval, said Begovic.

Head of the Local Economic Development Dalibor Đogović says that, during the development of the Plan made by dividing the aims and purpose.

-In one chapter lists the planned reconstruction of the electricity grid, which are listed all the projects related to the construction of new substations, power distribution transmission repair certain system installation materials for electrical and network snabdijavanja electric power bills. We felt it was important to separate, because it is important for all investors to more easily find their way and could give a proposal or suggestion where such facilities should be set for some of their inevesticione plans on the next period. We have a plan, and part related to the supply network, because we believe that it is of capital importance to build roads, water and other necessary infrastructure such as sewer.