The town is….

  • Located in the northeast side of Montenegro to the highway and railway of Belgrade-Bar.
  • Located in the valley cut by the mountain river of Lim
  • The third municipality by population, after bigger cities as Podgorica and Niksic
  • The picturesque town, surrounded by rich pastures, sources and endless forests
  • The hometown of Rista Ratkovića, Ćamila Sijarića, Avda Međedovića, Miodraga Bulatovića
  • The town of rich culture with already established and well-known cultural events outside of Montenegro
  • University town with four faculties
  • Regional Center of the North
  • The town with population of over 46,000



The municipality of Bijelo Polje belongs to the hilly-mountainous area of the northern part of Montenegro surrounded by high mountains. The all territory of the town is at an altitude of more than 500 meters .It is intersected by numerous river valleys of the Lješnica River, the Goduški River, the Ivanjska River, the Bijelo Polje’s Bistrica River on the left and the Brzava River, the Ljubovidje River and the Lješnica River on the right side of the Lim River, which give it special relief physiognomy.

Among all other towns from the north part of Montenegro, Bijelo Polje has the most suitable geographical position. It is located at the crossroads of major routs: Belgrade-Bar railway, the highway that leads from Belgrade towards the sea. Bijelo Polje keeps also good connections with Pljevlja and Zabljak, down the canyon of Tara, towards the cities Berane, Plav and Rozaje, that further goes by Ibar highway to Serbia.

Position of the city: 43.04° N 19.75° E

It covers an area of : 923 km2