The location "Bistrička dolina" was declared a business zone in 2013. It covers the area from the confluence of the river Bistrica to Lim, upstream, the location Lozna Luka, then the left and right sides of the road, larger flat areas under the meadow, the valley of Bistrica behind the settlement of Bistrica (Lug Hippodrome).

The electricity supply for the future buildings would have to be carried out by a line from the substation in Nedakusi and by the construction of substations 10/04 KVA.

Technical water could be used from the river Bistrica, and for drinking and sanitary purposes it could be brought from the settlement of Stubo (the spring of the Kostenička river).

The location is connected to the city center by a local asphalt road.

There is no sewage.

The area is connected by telephone or telecommunication connections with fixed and mobile telephony (100%).

Heating, gas and other infrastructure elements are not present at this location.



You can download the location on map here … pdf