"MESO-PROMET" DOO has a leading position in the meat industry in Montenegro and a strong regional position considering the scope of production, the range of products and services. Our factory covers an area of 50,000 m². Today in the sector of primary production and processing of meat we have 560 employees, while in the sector of trade, catering and hotel business we have 360 employees.

Company posses :

  • Slaughterhouse for large and small cattle with a capacity of 200 cattle or 1000 lambs in shift;
  • Factory for processing meat and meat products "EKO-MESO" whose daily capacity is up to 50 tons of finished products;
  • Farm "FRANCA" for large cattle nourish, together with co-operative farms has a capacity of 2000 cattle in a turn;
  • Farm "Franca" for chicken nourish, which, together with cooperative farms, has a capacity of 1200 tons of finished product in turn;
  • Slaughterhouse for slaughtering and processing chicken meat with a capacity of 5000 pieces in shift;
  • Canning factory, with daily capacity of 10 tons.



Established as a family owned company 100% privately owned, with a family tradition since 1939 in Bijelo Polje. Imperial Company today represents a regional leader in the sale of building materials, construction and furnishing, residential, business, hotel and infrastructure projects. Since the construction and real estate market has been expanding in the past few years and set the standards of construction and equipping, the company "Imperijal", following the modern standards of business, managed to develop a modern way of business with its presence on the market. Today, the company offers more than 30,000 products for the construction industry in its range of products, of which more than 200 world brands are represented in the territory of Montenegro, through well-organized, functional and widespread distributive network of partner companies throughout Montenegro. As new products were introduced in the sales program, the company "Imperial" thus created and improved human resources. They represent highly trained personnel and together with top management the driving force of the company. Today, "Imperial" company employs 52 skilled workers.

- Has the following quality certificates : ISO 14001: 2004 ; OHSAS 18001: 2007; ISO 9001: 2008.



The company "Pelengic Trade" was established in 2002 year. Years of experience and persistent work have helped company to reach very top of its domain, both in our country and in the region. The primary activity of the company is cutting, processing and sale of wood. We also deal with secondary wood processing, from which the biomass from different types of wood is obtained as the final product and which is increasingly used as the most common source of heat, as the ultimate product of biomass, we get a top quality pellet. For the realization of production in forestry, the company has professional human personnel, numerous and powerful mechanization.

In our production plant you can find all kinds of cut material of standard dimensions and in addition to the standard dimensions, we cut and build on order. The annual capacity of production of sliced material is about 18,000 m3. We currently employ over 65 workers with a tendency to increase.




The main activity of the company is wholesale of food and consumer goods, retail trade (retail), import-export, representation and mediation in sales. Today, the company employs over 150 workers led by management, which successfully creates a vision that is clear and powerful, creates a sense of pride and importance with the goal of providing a high level of quality of our services and achieving partner relationships with customers.

Further development of the company will move towards the development of the core business through the full improvement of the distribution channels, where the company has achieved significant results. The company distributes food and consumer goods in cooperation with renowned partners from Germany, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey.



"MERKATOR INTERNATIONAL" d.o.o. exists since December 21, 1991, we started with an employed employee and today we have 60 permanent employees. We have 2000 m² of office space and an area of 15 acres of urban construction land. Main activities of the company are :

  • Offset printing and digital printing ;
  • Print large format and 3D commercials ;
  • Wholesale of office and school materials ;
  • Retail




Bravera D.O.O. was founded in 1991 in Bijelo Polje as a family company. Now Bravera is the leader in its activity in Montenegro, and it is part of the Sport Vision Company - Sport Vision for MONTENEGRO. Main activity of the company is trade in sports footwear, clothing and equipment through wholesale and retail network.



MIKROMONT started operating in 2005 with a completely new program - the sale of materials for central heating. Now we have a wide range of products related to energy efficiency. With 30 employees, with a good qualification, we are striving to master new technologies in order to continually serve our business partners. We are specialized in:

  • all types of equipment and materials for central heating
  • solar systems
  • heat pumps
  • air conditioning, ventilation
  • plumbing, sewerage, ceramics, sanitary facilities
  • insulation materials (wool, polystyrene, polyethylene grid ...)
  • thermal facade
  • PVC carpentry