The second day of the 4th Bjelopolje Business Forum began with the 4th panel discussion on the topic: "Women and young people as founders of business". Milica Lazarević, Chamber of Commerce moderated, and the panelists were Nemša Omerhodžić, DOO Merkator Bijelo Polje, Jasmina Vlahović, Garni hotel & Glamping "Zvjezdana dolina", Marko Maraš, founder of the platform "" and Uroš Bulatović, president of the Union of Young Entrepreneurs of Montenegro Above.

Nemša Omerhodžić presented her family business, which she started in the early 1990s, when women in business were viewed with greater skepticism than today. Montenegro has generally progressed in the field of female entrepreneurship, she believes. 

- Female entrepreneurship is very important because it is the fastest growing category and one of the main factors contributing to the development of the economy. 10 years ago, one out of ten companies was owned by women, and today it is one out of four companies - she said. She appeals to all women who recognize in themselves the potential to start their own businesses, and suggests that the Forum award an award for the best female entrepreneur.

Jasmina Vlahović spoke about the family business that has been in existence for four years and the quality of services is increasingly conquering the market. Through Garni glamping  hotel "Zvjezdana dolina", they provide a new connection with nature, for which there is great interest, and at the same time promote the beauty of the north of the country.

- We want to tell young people not to leave the village, but to use its many potentials - said Vlahović and announced the organization of a plant festival in the area.

She emphasized the importance of IRF and UNDP support for women and young people in business.

Marko Maraš launched "", the first specialized platform in Montenegro that is visited by up to four million people a year, and which went beyond Montenegro and was established in Serbia, and the intention is that it will soon be the same in other countries of the region.

- I am glad that we enabled people to more easily market agricultural products and get the necessary information - said Maraš, reminding that this platform also enabled the first purchase of a cow with bitcoin.

He appeals for the connection of agriculture and digital technologies.

- We must include digital technologies because they help to involve young people in the agricultural sector and keep them in the countryside. We invest in young people and  it is necessary to invest in education, medicine and other facilities in rural areas, said Maraš 

Uroš Bulatović said that other countries have found that investing in young people's businesses pays off 200 percent more than supporting companies of people in their later years.

He also calls for Montenegro to conduct a similar study, because investing in young people is financially profitable. We also need this kind of measurability. The latest research shows that less than 4 percent of companies belong to young people. We are struggling to support them and systemic support is necessary. In PG, together with PKCG, we have opened a hub for starting youth businesses, which will be one of the system's non-fin support, exchange of information and attraction of investors. We need a system to succeed in developing businesses. Support programs should first determine the needs of young people.