Representatives of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje, Dalibor Đogović, head of the Office for Local Economic Development, and Jasmin Šabanović from the EU Projects Office, participated in the first transnational In4Green meeting, which took place on October 25 and 26 in Spain. They stayed in the city of Aviles as part of a project implemented within the URBACT network of European cities.

During their stay in the city of Aviles, a reception was arranged for the participants of the forum by the mayor of the city of Aviles, who emphasized that similar initiatives and projects aimed at exchanging positive practices and experiences of European Union cities have their full support. She stated that the participants, among other things, can see from the experience of their city how the process of transition to EU membership can be successfully implemented for smaller cities and municipalities, all with the aim of economic development based on innovations and positive practices.


The forum aims to exchange experiences and apply good practices of European cities, and to strengthen and build the capacities of local actors in the field of economy and industry. URBACT drives change across Europe by enabling collaboration and exchange of ideas between cities within thematic networks, building participants' skills in design and implementation as well as overcoming barriers to the transition to a green economy.

Such initiatives are just some of the activities that the Office for Local Economic Development of the municipality of Bijelo Polje carries out in terms of cooperation with other municipalities/cities not only in the region but also in cooperation with the cities of the European Union, where it adequately promotes the investment potential of the municipality of Bijelo Polje and creates new connections for future cooperation.

During their stay in Aviles, representatives of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje visited one of the leading companies of the city of Aviles (region of Asturias) "Arcelor Mittal" as well as the technological center "IDONIAL", which were founded according to the public-private partnership model and currently offer their products/services as in Spain, as well as in the whole world.